Promoting – confessions of a neophyte

Well, social networking is the root of all promotion so take it away, take it away, take it away.

I joined a seminar attended by a host of indie and traditionally published writers – the latter under pressure from publishers to do their share of promotion.  We were told to cast our bread upon the waters, so I  sailed off  into the wind…

Facebook-   Easier said than done. Spent an entire weekend trying to sign up and at last, more by accident than design, after random fumbling, tiptoed into it.  Hurrah you might say but wait- couldn’t get my head round it.  Eventually semaphored a frantic SOS to my computer guru who spent 4 hours with me explaining what all the descriptions in the margin signified and how to post.  After  he’d left  there was a debacle because I proceeded to  adopt  all  the advertisers/sponsors as friends and  posted a comment, expecting  it to appear, only I forgot to  press the enter button. Then I clicked the like button followed by accidentally clicking the unlike button thus inadvertently offending many lovely people.   Still haven’t got to grips enabling a shared link from elsewhere   to appear on my Facebook page and still can’t post pictures despite guru’s tuition.  What a palaver. I tremble to use it now without a shot of cranberry juice (recommended for the nerves) as it’s become like the sword of Damocles poised to descend at any mis-conceived action.

Twitter: Wasn’t sharp enough to limit tweet to 140. Couldn’t get the hang of retweeting and found little to say other than sorry I can’t tweet- washing my hair tonight. Again the cavalry (computer guru) galloped to the rescue.

Amazon author forums- Dearly beloved, we are joined together in holy matrimony!  So easy to post in lots of threads.  Till death us  do part.

Goodreads- fiendish to navigate and I’ve heard likewise from other writers.  If you post in the wrong section, you get roundly ticked off.  Scylla to

MobilRead’s Charybdis   - a minefield with moderator cracking the whip if you post off piste.

Pinterest – joined it but I’m all at sea.

Outcome: Everything’s a marathon.  Before I know it I’ve wasted half a day when I intended a swift entrance and exit.  Exhausted, demoralised and mired in the Slough of Despond.

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