Review of The Silent Girl by Hjorth & Rosenfeldt

The Silent Girl by Hjorth & Rosenfeldt - Published by Century in 2017 - ISBN: 978-1-78-089460-7 

The authors are the international bestselling duo of hit TV shows Wallander, The Bridge and Marcella. This is the fourth in their collaborative thriller series that features the Riksmord, the National Homicide Unit, and its enigmatic and flawed psychologist and criminal profiler, Sebastian Bergman. During the Easter holidays, in an idyllic Swedish setting, the Carlsten family is mowed down in their lovely home in the small town of Torsby.  It’s a chilling execution — a gory shooting committed in cold blood in broad daylight by a brutal killer who has vanished without trace. Without apparent motive, without a witness and lacking a suspect, it looks like the perfect murder. Will the perpetrator ever be brought to justice?But during the investigation something else emerges.  That someone was present during the brutal slaughter — a youngster who, in fear of her life, has fled the scene.    The race is on to find her.  But will she, can she, talk and tell what happened?  Sebastian, whose own personal life is a perpetual vortex, must track her down before the murderer beats him to it and silences her forever.  When stripped down, the plot is simple enough as we follow the many characters pitched into a gritty chase to expose the manipulative gunman.  However, the fast pacing, cataclysmic tension building, intriguing twists and turns, blind alleys, unexpected developments, credible, compelling characters with dark secrets, sharp dialogue, pruned interior monologues and shifting sands of relationships punch the story along, and keep the reader gripped to the very last page.

Reviewer: Serena Fairfax


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