Review of The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

THE CHEMIST by Stephanie Meyer - Published by Sphere in 2017- ISBN: 978-0-7515-7004-5 

 In this, the author’s adult action thriller, we meet Alex, (one of her many aliases) skilled in the gruesome art of medical torture for a scary, nameless and dark arm of the US government.   Now a fugitive forever on the run from her former employers    attempt to eliminate her when they deem her a liability, one day she opens an email from her ex handler that guarantees her safe passage   provided she undertakes one last assignment for the agency. Alex, portrayed as a resourceful, analytical and likeable heroine, seizes the chance of freedom   and sets out to entrap her victim. What she doesn’t bargain for is that she becomes romantically involved, that the baddies morph into goodies and together with some amazingly talented canines they form themselves into a formidable fighting team.The author has broken the mould and successfully transitioned from her paranormal YA Twilight saga to a gritty, tautly plotted piece of writing.  Although the first few chapters drag   somewhat and are a struggle, it’s worth persevering as the pace does rev up and there follows a long, tense game of hide and seek.  The dialogue flows naturally and is amusing on occasion; the description of rural USA is absorbing, the characters are convincing and the subject matter unique although some readers may find the development of the love interest to lack credibility.  The ending is unexpectedly ingenious and a real treat.

Reviewer: Serena Fairfax


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