Review of The Killing Grounds by Jack Ford

The Killing Grounds by Jack Ford - Published by HQ in 2107 - ISBN: 978-0-00-820307-8 (PB)

 This book is the first in an exciting new series featuring ex-US Navy –turned high-risk investigator Thomas J. Cooper. He’s an emotional man tormented by his past and deadly encounter with Somali pirates in the Horn of Africa. That coupled with a tragic accident at sea that results in the disappearance of his sweetheart means he must battle endlessly with PTSD and an addiction to prescription drugs. Set between the   US and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cooper’s new assignment is to recover an aeroplane from the DRC and return it to the US. With a close-knit team of colleagues that also comprises his estranged wife, Maddie, he ventures into that vast, edgy and complex country. The reader is given rare insights into the territory immortalised by Joseph Conrad ‘s Heart of Darkness   and of superstition, ancient tribal rituals and voodoo.The book has an enormous cast of characters that is initially difficult to keep track of and the research that has gone into the writing is truly impressive although at times somewhat weighted and too detailed.   However, I urge the reader to persevere with the journey because he/she will be rewarded by a rip-roaring tale. I would categories this as a thriller where the shenanigans of politics and business collide, where characters are portrayed as either sinister and menacing or decent but flawed.  Every page is an extraordinary action-packed, rollercoaster ride   that feels as though it is never going to come to a full stop.   But when it does, you’ll be clamouring  for more…

Reviewer: Serena Fairfax

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