Review of The Sons by Anton Svensson

The Sons by Anton Svensson - Published by Sphere in 2018 - ISBN: 978-0-7515-5777-0

 This is the second book (The Father preceded it) of the internationally bestselling series Made in Sweden written collaboratively by award-winning script/screenwriter Stefan Thunberg and bestselling novelist and investigative journalist, Anders Rosalind. Ably translated from the Swedish language into English by Hildred Crill, it tells the story of Leo and his two younger brothers, Vincent and Felix, bound together not only by blood ties but by their unsavoury past. Notorious mastermind Leo, has been released after serving a six-year gaol sentence for two   daring bank robberies he and his siblings committed. And he’s cock- a- hoop because the prosecution failed to establish he was also responsible for a string of eight other robberies, for planting a bomb at Stockholm’s main train station and for pulling off a huge weapons heist.   Unrepentant and unreformed, his time behind bars   has been spent meticulously scheming and plotting the crème de la crème of crimes – the theft of 100 million of Swedish currency from a police station, and then to vanish into thin air. But time is not on his side. Cop detective Jon Broncks  (his brother Sam, convicted of patricide, was befriended by Leo in prison) who was instrumental in arresting Leo and his brothers, suspects Leo is up to no good, is on to him and is determined to stop him.  That isn’t all Leo must contend with – his father, Ivan, a violent, angry émigré from the former Yugoslavia has other plans for Vincent and Felix, now law abiding citizens, and, keen to stay on the straight and narrow, they’re reluctant to involve themselves in Leo’s last job. The siblings’ clan loyalty is put to the ultimate test; Leo and Broncks are both victims of brutal and abusive childhoods and can read each other well. Much of the material is based on real life events and this gripping, action- packed family crime saga is not for the squeamish. The author’s skill lies in crafting tension through sharp and polished prose that is varied in pace, and attention is given to the detail that render a story authentic and full of suspense.  It is a technically clever piece of writing that is not only thought provoking but also thrillingly propels the story to a stellar climax.

 Reviewer: Serena Fairfax



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